Our last OCF Volunteer Spotlight of 2023 features Stacey Kosch. Stacey volunteers as an Extreevaganza Ambassador. Along with the other twelve Ambassadors, her contributions and hard work behind the scenes make Extreevaganza a success every year. Extreevaganza, which supports the Community Fund of the OCF, would not be possible without volunteers like Stacey!  

“Stacey joined the Extreevaganza Ambassadors a couple of years ago, and I’m so happy to have gotten to know this dynamic woman through her involvement. She has been a rock star in working with area restaurants to secure gift certificate donations and then designs trees, wreaths, and centerpieces incorporating those gift certificates. She has graciously offered space at either CRAVE or Alpine Tavern for our monthly ambassador meetings, which makes the meeting even more fun. Stacey is someone you can count on, and I am glad to call her a volunteer and a friend.”  

-Karin Beyer, Director of Community Philanthropy. 

Stacey grew up in the restaurant business, and before she moved to Gaylord permanently four years ago, she helped in her family’s businesses—Alpine Tavern and Crave—for fifteen years. She started painting ceiling tiles and has worked her way up to the management team in both restaurants. Stacey describes her life in Gaylord with her fiancé and son as “great.”  

Learn more about Stacey in her own words. 

  • What do you love about Otsego County?  

I love Otsego County mostly because of the unbelievable amount of generous and caring people that live here. Moving to Gaylord and not knowing anyone was hard but so many people extended a hand and made me feel welcome. 

  • Why did you say YES to the OCF? 

I wanted to give back to the community that is constantly giving. I saw this generosity in the OCF and wanted to be a part of this to share my gratitude. 

Thank you, Stacey, for helping the OCF activate generosity for a stronger community. We could not do it without you!