Joshua Moody

Year Graduated: 2017 (Early College program until 2018)

School: Gaylord High School, North Central Michigan College. Current student at Central Michigan University.

What was your favorite part about YAC?

Working with a great group of fun, passionate individuals to make positive change possible in our community.

What was most memorable?

So many memorable moments, but either starting 100 Youth Who Care or volunteering at the Vanderbilt School Trailblazing Project.

How did your time as a YAC member affect your perspective on your community?

It helped develop my raw interest in helping others into a pattern of behaviors that help me engage with communities I occupy and enact change where there is a need.

What skills did YAC teach you that you apply to your current life?

Meeting organization and presentation skills. Also team-building, leadership, goal-setting, inter-organizational communications…the list goes on.

Did YAC influence your college major choice/career path? If so, how?

Yes. I am studying International Relations and Cultural & Global Studies, and will be seeking employment in the US Foreign Service after graduation. My time at YAC helped me learn how to better advocate for those I represent, which I will take into extra consideration in my future career.

What advice would you give to a new YAC member?

You get what you put in! Be active, be attentive, and contribute to the group. You are in YAC to be the voice of the community’s youth, so speak up! Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

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