What did donating your returnables to YAC (Youth Advisory Committee) mean to the community? It meant that the Youth Fund could grant $2,172.62 to the Volunteer Center of the Otsego United Way for the needs of today and can grow the Youth Fund by that same amount for the needs of tomorrow . Because of those who donated their cans and bottles over $4,000 was raised this summer…that is over 40,000 cans!

This project started in May, with a formation of a partnership between the two organizations and a call to action for the community to donate returnables that were accumulating in their homes. Almost four months later and the project is completed. Thank you to all of those who made, picked up, and stored the donations along with those that took time to return the cans/bottles . At a $25.00 per person limit per day that was a lot of trip to the stores.

“This was such a great opportunity to take part in!  It was so inspiring to be able to give back to the supportive community that surrounds us! “- Kaylie McKinley, YAC President

“These dollars are so important to the Volunteer Center because it helps us continue our work. In 2020 alone the Volunteer Center has recruited 88 volunteers, at 9 sites, completing over 550 hours of volunteer service. While also giving a $500 scholarship to a deserving college student.   

The Volunteer Center serves as encouragement and motivation for Otsego County residents to serve in a helpful capacity.  We pride ourselves on supporting and inspiring individuals to make a connection with a volunteer site that is meaningful to them so they can experience the positive feeling of giving back to their community.  Monies from this can drive will aid the Volunteer Center so the OCUW can offer this dynamic program to Greater Gaylord community.” – Megan Hacker, Assistant Executive Director, Otsego County United Way.

If you would like to support the Youth Advisory Committee please consider a donation into the Youth Fund .